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Lunar landscapes, sculpted by nature and centuries of erosion, secret underground cities, troglodyte towns and painted cave churches within the folds of volcanic rock. Otherworldly vistas spread as far as the eye can see and hiking provides a constantly changing panorama of stunning sights. Bed down in a cave hotel at the end of a day when exploring this unique region in central Turkey.


Open Air Museum, Goreme
Sculpted by erosion, these fantastic rock formations have been home to troglodyte dwellings, monastic churches and underground villages since the 4th century. A walk around this fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site museum is like stepping into a fairytale land of rock houses and painted cavernous churches.

Love Valley, Goreme
On the way to the Open Air Museum, take a short hike through Love Valley where you’ll see the famous ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations that rise up to the sky and seem to change colour as dawn turns to daylight and finally dusk.

Cave dwellings, Urgup
Cappadocia’s most famous town is home to ‘streets’ of troglodyte homes carved into the soft rock – visitors can peep into a cave inn and eat in a cave restaurant. When residents want to extend their homes they simply cut back into the rock to add an extra room.

Underground city, Derinkuyu
This underground city, built into the volcanic rock, was once home to between 35-50,000 people and includes everything from houses to wine presses and chapels; Christians were sealed in, during times of persecution.

Earthenware, Avanos
This attractive cobbled town has long been the centre for Turkish potteries making ceramics using the local red clay. It’s situated on the banks of the Kizilirmak, which means ‘Red River’ and takes its name from the clay deposits found there.

Get on your bike at the high-energy Cappadocia MTB festival.

Discover the ‘forgotten flavours of Goreme’ at this traditional food festival.

Take a hot air balloon ride together at sunrise over the otherworldly rock formations of the region.

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