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ROOM FOR ROMANCE AUSTRALIA will be the fourth in the series of Room for Romance romantic getaways around the world. The definitive guide to exploring Australia in style, it's due for publication in the coming months.

Detailing places to stay set in locations ranging from bush to beachfront and rainforest to desert outback, Room for Romance Australia will feature exotic island resorts, wine valley chateaus, and chic boutique hotels in addition to homesteads and hillside lodges offering a taste of traditional Australia.

Inside the guide, you'll find:

* Superb colour images of each property
* Details of hotels offering Room for Romance guests upgrades, champagne or other extras
* Indexes to find the perfect place for you
* Detailed maps of each region
* A guide to things to see and do in each state

Copies of the guide cost £15.95, including postage and packing. You will be able to order a copy here soon.

For detailed reviews of our wonderfully romantic places to stay in Australia, you need a copy of our full-colour guide Room for Romance Australia, price £12.95

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